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Terms & Conditions


1. Objective

1.1. These Terms and Conditions govern the sale and delivery of goods and services of AfricanQueens.

1.2. These Terms and Conditions are automatically valid, no deviations unless agreed upon in writing are acceptable. Deviating Terms and Conditions of Customers are hereby explicitly rejected.

2. Closing of Contract

2.1.The depiction of the AfricanQueens Portfolio of Products and Services in either electronic or print form does not imply a legally binding quotation or offer.

2.2. All depicted products, their descriptions and corresponding pricing are constantly subject to change.  AfricanQueens can therefore not be held liable for errors in the depiction or description of products.

2.3. By completing and sending an electronic or printed order form the customer is placing his order.  Only the acceptance of this order by AfricanQueens constitutes the establishment of a legal contract between AfricanQueens and its customers.  A declaration of order acceptance is waved (§ 151 S. 1 BGB).

2.4. By completing an AQ order in the internet the customer explicitly agrees to these terms and conditions.  All orders placed either by telephone or by completing a printed order form are accepted only if the customer explicitly agrees to these general terms and conditions.

3. Payments Due

3.1. Payments for Goods ordered are due immediately with AfricanQueens acceptance of the order.  The only accepted method of payment for international orders is by credit card (Visa & MasterCard).

3.2. All prices are quoted in Euro and include German VAT.  Also note that quoted prices are cash only prices. When paying with your credit card we have to charge 3,8% service fee.

3.3. In order to process your order we need your credit card number, the valid through date as well as the security code on the card.

3.4. The cost of packaging and freight will be calculated exactly according to expenses incurred.

3.5. Please note that customers are responsible for customs and corresponding duties.

3.6. For the case that a customer has overdue payments outstanding AfricanQueens will charge in interest of 5% over and above the legal base line interest rate.

4. Customer Cancellation Rights

4.1. The Customer of AfricanQueens has the right to cancel the order if, and only if the following conditions are met. The goods returned are unopened and unused. The customer is returning the goods in question no longer than 14 days after receipt.  The customer clears the return with AfricanQueens and obtains written permission for the return.

4.2. Returned goods will be rejected if they were damaged by the customer or returned without prior approval through AfricanQueens.

4.3. In general the customer covers the cost of freight returned to AfricanQueens unless the goods in question were delivered erroneously and the fault lies with AfricanQueens.  In that case AfricanQueens will reimburse the customer for the cost of freight in return for the original freight invoice of the freight forwarder.

5. Title to Goods

5.1.Until all payments due regardless of legal origin have been received by AfricanQueens the title to the goods in question (thereby ownership) remains with AfricanQueens.

5.2.Until Title to the goods in question (Ownership) has been transferred to the customer he or she may only have the goods at his or her disposal with written consent of AfricanQueens.

6. Warranty and claims

6.1. AfricanQueens warrants that all goods delivered are free of defects and fit for the intended use.

6.2. General Warranty terms are 24 months from the date of purchase.  All goods used in competition are automatically not eligible for this warranty.

6.3. The customer has the obligation to immediately inspect the goods and place his claim.

6.4. In the case of defects caused by transport the following procedure applies:
With receipt of damaged packages the customer needs to deny written acceptance of the delivery until the goods have been inspected.  Only when the customer is satisfied that the damaged packaging has no ill effects on the goods delivered is he empowered to sign the receipt of goods.  Damaged goods need to be immediately reported to the freight forwarder in order to successfully claim the damage.

6.5. Goods returned without permission or with postage unpaid will not be accepted by AfricanQueens.

6.6. AfricanQueens is not liable for consequential losses of any kind.  As far as negligence is concerned German Law according to BGB applies.  Any further warranty claims are hereby precluded.

6.7. AfricanQueens reserves the right to charge the customer with expenses incurred due to and related to unwarranted claims.

7. Liability

7.1. For damage incurred because product attributes and features that were published or promised in writing are missing AfricanQueens will be held liable according to German law.

7.2. For damages incurred due to negligence of AfricanQueens or its employees AfricanQueens may be held liable according to German law.

7.3. All published catalogs, flyers or advertisements do not represent a legally binding offer and are subject to constant change as well as errors in good faith.

7.4. For other damages incurred due to an impossibility for which AfricanQueens has to answer and which are detrimental to the contractual use of the Goods shall be limited to those damages that are typical and foreseeable according to the contractual use of the Goods.  The total Amount shall be limited to twice the original sales price of the goods.

7.5. Damages incurred for unspecified cases, especially those that were not incurred on the goods themselves.

8. Data Confidentiality

8.1. Personal Information acquired by processing Orders from Customers will be used expressly by AfricanQueens only to fulfil the contract and to inform the customer of interesting offers.  At the customers written request AfricanQueens will delete personal information from its mailing lists.

8.2. As part of fulfilling the contract AfricanQueens may launch inquiries as to the creditworthiness of the customer.

8.3. AfricanQueens will not release personal information of its customers to third parties that are not involved in fulfilling its contractual obligation to the customer.

8.4. AfricanQueens reserves the right to publish photographic images of AfricanQueens products after installation on customers vehicles for promotional purposes.

8.5. Photographic Images provided by customers may be published by AfricanQueens for promotional purposes without further compensation.

9. Resale

9.1. All products sold are not intended for resale unless a separate resale contract has been agreed upon in writing.

10. General Terms

10.1. Changes or amendments to this contract need to be expressly stated in writing.  Verbal agreements of any kind will not be accepted as agreed upon change of this contract.

10.2. Unless specified otherwise the transfer of contractual rights and duties has to be approved by AfricanQueens in writing.

10.3. Should one aspect or section of this contract be invalid for any reason the rest of the contract will be unharmed and thereby valid.

10.4. Legal Venue for all Goods sold is Munich, Germany.

10.5. Applied Law to all contractual differences is German Law, with the exception of international law governing the sale of movable goods.

Geisenhausen, 10.11.2005



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