As an organizer of enduro bike meets and off-road tours, AfricanQueens offers the opportunity to share your passion with like-minded people.

Competitive riders can enjoy logistical and technical support during selected motorsport events by joining the AQ Racing Team.









Motorcycle meets are a wonderful occasion to actively share your motorcycle passion with a community of like-minded people.

For more than 20 years, the AQ bike meet at our headquarters in Geisenhausen has been a legendary event, offering not only entertainment and social get-togethers by the camp fire, but also a proper roadbook tour for a challenge.

AQ organised participations in international motorcycle meets, such as the one by the Italian Africa Twin Club, are rewarding with driving fun in breathtaking scenery, culinary delights and the warmest Mediterranean hospitality.

AQ Bike Meet

Int. AT Meet Italy


Athletic riders who want to face the challenges and hardships of a real rally competition will find organisational, logistical and technical support within the framework of the AQ Racing Team when participating in selected long-distance offroad races.

The AQ team successfully participated in international rallies for years, for example in the Optic 2000, the Carthago Rally in Tunisia and Rally Transanatolia in Turkey.

HISPANIA Rally 2020

HELLAS Rally 2019

HELLAS Rally 2018

Ruote da sogno 2018

Motorally Italia 2018

HELLAS Rally 2017

Motorally Italia 2017

Transanatolia 2015

Carthago 2000

ELBA-500 1995


Enduro events offer all-terrain sports enthusiasts the opportunity to take part in true off-road racing at a reasonable expense of time and money.

The AQ Racing Team provides service packages for organisational, logistical and technical support on selected events. The rider can concentrate solely on his/her essential task and enjoy an unforgettable Enduro event and a warm and supportive team spirit.

One of the most popular motorsport events, where the AQ team frequently shows presence, is the Erzberg Rodeo in Austria.

Erzberg Rodeo


Guided off-road tours open up access to exciting new terrain, often only known by local residents there. Especially in Italy are there still regions, which have been spared from the rush of the masses. In collaboration with local motorcycle clubs and guides, we create tour packages that offer you off-road enjoyment in combination with regional culinary delights, beautiful scenery and rewarding encounters with the local people.

These tours in small groups with experienced local guides can be enjoyed without burdens, since we take care of the logistical and organisational part for you.

HAT Italy 2018

NoCode Italy 2015/16

Tunesia 2003/04