"Within the international rally scene, the Transanatolia Rally had so far played the rather shy role of an outsider; 2015 this definitely changed: Over eighty percent of this year's Transanatolia pilots were Dakar pilots! "

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YouTube video on Transanatolia 2015
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YouTube video on Transanatolia 2015
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Results Transanatolia 2015

Don't call me outstanding!

Von Paola Picone / ApPhotoSport

Within the international rally scene, the Transanatolia Rally had so far played the rather shy role of an outsider. In 2015 this definitely changed: The top riders Helder Rodrigues, Laia Sanz, Olivier Pain, Alessandro Botturi, Paolo Ceci and Gerard Farres have joined, as did Francesco Tarricone, Pedro Bianchi Prata, Xavier Moreau and so on and so on...

A real Dakar nest of riders, who were already at least once in Africa or South America: Over 80% of the current Transanatolia pilots are Dakar participants.



Von Antonio Ammiragli / ApPhotoSport

Franceso Catanese, on the other hand, was not in his best shape and still managed to shine with his impressive AfricaTwin, which was created by the German-Italian Stephan Jaspers of AfricanQueens. Proud 240 kg of beauty, including 55 litres of fuel, are accelerated by a 890ccm displacement two-cylinder v-twin. Reigning over this power was not always easy, even for an experienced pilot like Francesco Nazionale, but he has demonstrated through his incredible ability that the Africa Twin, with appropriate preparation, continues to radiate an immortal and timeless fascination.

It’s a machine of truly enormous dimensions, yet it has an agility, a mobility that is second to none. Of course, this also depends on modifications that distinguish the bike very much from the standard model. Even for me as a driver of an RD07, the African Twin Legend appeared easy to direct and I had no problems on the fast gravel tracks, where those horse powers really get into play. An eyecatcher she’s in any case, because everywhere we stopped, a group of motorcycle fans quickly gathered, admiring the rare beauty.


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XRV 890 Legend

The Bike


AQ Racing Team debuted the brand new AQ-Honda XRV890 Africa Twin Legend at the Rally Transanatolia this year.

In the course of the bikes first serious trial, pilot Francesco Catanese won the 1. place in the class above 450cm² .

More information and pictures of the AQ-Honda XRV 890 Africa Twin Legend and Legend conversion parts on our:


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"Don't call me outstanding!"
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