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Rallye Kappa

Engine & Exhaust:

  • 107.6 h.p. up from 98
  • AQ 2-in-2 stainless steel performance manifold
  • 2 AQ stainless racing silencers


  • AQ front and rear mudguards, FRP
  • 2 x 10 litres rear tanks, FRP
  • Custom seat with quick release and two-colour suede leather cover


  • AQ Rally fairing kit with dual headlights
  • TT Roadbook

Rallye Kappa - Turning the LC8 into a true rally bike.

Based on the 950 Adventure, this kit was developed for a rally-qualified conversion of KTM's big twin cylinder bike.
The suspension of the original 950 Adventure/S with 265/260 mm wheel travel certainly is competent enough. Later years of construction are lower but can easily be retrofitted with components of the original 2003 model. For real uncompromised racing usage, the slightly soft stock rims should be replaced by stronger and narrower rims e.g. from Excel.

Fuel autonomy with the standard 22-litre tanks leaves much to be desired for rally racing or long-distance travel. With our rear tanks the capacity can be increased to a total of 42 litres. Depending on riding style and terrain, a pilot now may cover distances between 450 and 700 km before refueling. Positioning and volume of the tanks were chosen so as to minimize any impairment of the bike's handling.

To place the additional weight of the rear tanks as close to the center of gravity as possible and to improve the heat dissipation of the LC8, the exhaust system was routed differently. Similar to the exhaust system from Fabrizio Meoni's Dakar-winning racer from 2002, the AQ manifolds run below the rear tanks.
For thermal, noise-limiting and design reasons, we opted for a tangentially constructed 2 in 2 system. This revolutionary manifold system, combined with light-weight "INOX" silencers, does not only look good, it also delivers up to 10 hp higher power output and significantly reduces the enormous heat-build-up inside and around the two-cylinder engine.
The entire system weighs approx. 3 kg less than the standard equipment and delivers an impressively deep sound, while still being roadworthy.


To trim the bike's appearance from the front and to create more space for a full rally cockpit, we offer a lighter and more flexible FRP one-piece fairing. Now there's ample room to arrange various instruments, such as roadbook holder, navigation system and tripmaster.

The rider's seat position has been raised by about 40 mm by our upholstered seat with a rugged and stylish cover of genuine suede leather. Thus removed were the noticable side edges and the seat hollow of the original bench. This facilitates the riders switching between standing and sitting position and so lowers the risk of premature fatigue when offroad.

At the front, our elegant FRP mudguard is mounted higher above the wheel than the original to prevent wheel-blockage by collected mud. As an alternative, an even higher placed, typical "dirtbike style beak" can also be fitted.

Individual Configurations

This conversion can be individually configured according to customer requirements for various use profiles.

You'll find more information on the available parts & kits here:


Technical Specifications



KTM, AfricanQueens


LC8 Rallye Kappa





engine type

75º V-twin cylinder, 4 valve per cylinder, 4 stroke


942 ccm

compression ratio


max. power output

80.2 kW (107.6 h.p.) at 8800 rpm

max. torque

97 Nm at 6000 rpm

max. speed

215 kph


2x 43 mm CV Keihin carburettors

cooling system

liquid cooled


four-star petrol / premium




6 speed


Denso battery ignition




suspension front

48mm White Power USD telescopic forks
265mm suspension travel

suspension rear

White Power shock absorber
adjustable compression & rebound,
preload preset by hand wheel
260 mm suspension travel

seat height

92 cm

brakes front

300 mm dual hydraulic disc brake
with Brembo 2-piston calipers,
stainless steel braided lines

suspension rear

240 mm hydraulic disc
with Brembo 2-piston caliper,
stainless steel braided lines

wheel / tyre front

21 x 2.15 / 90/90-21

wheel / tyre rear

18 x 4.00 / 150/70 - 18

tyre restrictions



1570mm +/- 10 mm

final drive

O-ring sealed chain

final drive reduction

17 : 42 (depending on application)

frame type

chromium-molybdenum tubular space frame




tank capacity

42 Litres (front 2 x 11; rear 2 x 10)

dry weight

approx. 186 kg

kerb weight

approx. 229 kg

max. allowed total weight

400 kg

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LC8 Rallye Kappa

LC8 Rallye Kappa

LC8 Rallye Kappa

Parts & Kits



The Rallye Kappa conversion consists of several parts & kits and can be configured for various applications. This also allows for a step-by-step conversion of your own bike if required.


For personal advice or an offer tailored to your individual requirements please feel free to contact us:

Further information and prices for Rallye Kappa conversion parts can also be found here:



Issue 3/2006


AQ-KTM LC8 950/990
Rallye Kappa


Issue 2/2006


AQ-KTM LC8 950/990
Rallye Kappa


V 2/2006


AQ-KTM LC8 950/990
Rallye Kappa


Issue 1/2006


AQ-KTM LC8 950/990
Rallye Kappa



Rallye Kappa