AfricanQueens not only stands for a broad selection of high-quality components and converted motorcycles but also provides first-class technical service.

The AQ workshop offers you the whole range of services for your motorcycle.

Our competent TÜV service takes care of regular technical inspections, the registration of newly installed parts in the bike's papers if reqired and individual full inspections of more extensive motorcycle conversions.

Individually designed paintwork or foil application adds a very personal touch to a bike. AfricanQueens offers you the complete range of services from the design to the finished motorcycle.

As an organizer of Enduro bike meets and off-road tours, AfricanQueens offers you the opportunity to actively share your passion with a community of like-minded people.

Competitive riders will find organisational, logistical and technical support with the AQ Racing Team when participating in selected motorsport events.


Our fully equipped workshop, not only is the place where we develop our latest parts and prototypes.
It also offers our customers a wide range of bike-related services:







TÜV Technical Inspection

TÜV inspections the easy way

Almost all AQ products can also be included in the vehicle papers, provided they have been installed in a professional manner. If you do not have time or problems with the technical inspection, we will gladly take care of this sometimes annoying and time-consuming matter for you.

Bring your vehicle to our headquarters in Geisenhausen/Schweitenkirchen (50 km north of Munich). We check the proper assembly of the parts in question as well as the general state of the vehicle and bring your vehicle quickly up to the standard, the inspector requires, before we have it inspected by TÜV.


  • Delivery of the vehicle
  • Proper fitting of the parts to inspect
  • Roadworthy condition
  • The parts are sourced from AQ or:
  • You have a valid road certificate from the manufacturer of the parts.

TÜV inspection and registration service from AfricanQueens also includes required full vehicle inspections for comprehensive motorcycle conversions carried out by us.


Paint & Foil Design


A paint or adhesive foil design by AfricanQueens provides your bike with a distinctive and personal touch that makes it unique. Like yourself.

The design possibilities are enormous thanks to a wide range of available techniques and materials: graphic multicolour shapes underline dynamic lines, airbrush techniques give three-dimensional depth and modern foils allow lasting or temporary designs while preserving the original paint coating.

Get in touch, bring your vehicle and ideas to start the developement of your personal design. We transfer these ideas into a virtual model, which gives you a visual preview of the finished motorcycle and which allows you to give feadback for possible last changes. Then your personalised design will be transferred on to your motorcycle.

The result will inspire!


Tours, Racing Service & Events



For every trailbike enthusiast, guided off-road tours open up access to exciting new terrain, often only local residents know. Particularly in Italy, are still regions to be found that have been spared from mass bike tourism so far. In cooperation with local clubs and guides, we create tour packages that deliver off-road enjoyment in combination with seeing the country and meeting its people. And the tours in small groups, and with experienced local guides, can be enjoyed without burdens, because we take care of the logistical and organisational part for you.



Competitive offroad riders will find organisational, logistical and technical support for racing in selected motorsports events, such as the Erzberg Rodeo race in Austria or the Rally Transanatolia in Turkey, as members of the AQ Racing Team.



As an organiser of Enduro bike meets, AfricanQueens offers you the opportunity to actively share your passion with a community of like-minded people. In addition to our legendary annual AQ meetings in Geisenhausen, we also organise participations in international motorcycle meets, like those of our friends of the Italian Africa Twin Club.